Apples and Apple Juice

Community Apple Pressing 2018

We offer apple pressing to turn your apples into juice.

We only work with picked apples, windfalls can contain “patulin” and that can be very harmful, if the batch looks dubious we reserve the right to reject and the apples will go to a local herd of pigs.

Picking your trees can be a fun experience, the easiest way to do it is to put sheeting under the tree and shake it and then collect up the apples and bring them to us ASAP, please do not pick and leave them a few days.

The apple to juice ratio varies from year to year and variety to variety so we can’t easily advise what you will get back.  As a very rough guide 250lbs of apples (2 dustbins) will fill the press and between 35% and 60% of the weight will turn to juice so you could get between 60 and 110 bottles depending on the year.

Bottles are 75cl green bottles and the juice is pasteurised and will last 18 months in bottle (our usual best before date)

Price £1.60 a bottle and £0.10 for an individual label and boxes can also be provided at £2.50 (12 bottles)

Payment by cash or debit card to a’Beckett’s Vineyard, please note 4% is added to the charge if you are VAT registered.

Please contact us via the contact form or on 01380 816669 if you would like more information

The Apple Orchard

Apples have been part of a’Beckett’s for many years, before the main house was remodelled in 1902 the land to the south of it adjoining the main road was an orchard.  In the 1920’s apples were still grown here but things really took off after WW2 when the Clarke family planted extensive orchards here.  Apples were sold locally and into Bristol Market.  The Orchards were continued and developed further by Gerald Payton through the 1960’s to the 1990’s when they fell into decline.

Apple Varieties

So far we think we have been able to identify the following;

  • Red Bramley
  • Cox’s Orange Pippin
  • Lord Lambourne
  • James Grieve
  • Spartan
  • Laxton Superb
  • Katy
  • Worcester Permain

The Orchard has been brought back to life over a number of years, we prune minimally as the trees are between 20 and 60 years of age and we don’t want to be too invasive.  The orchard has been organic for over 15 years and although we have not registered we will continue to avoid using manufactured sprays and fertilisers.

Apple Juice

We make a range of juices in 750ml and 250ml bottles and sell these at shows, on this website, via our shop and also through a growing number of our stockists.

We have a number of single variety and blended juices for sale, these are shorter run juices so they change quite quickly please check our online store for what is in stock.