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Vineyard Bond 2021


a’Beckett’s Vineyard Bond


Hello and thank you for stopping by to read this.  We are seeking to do something that isn’t the same old same old.  Perhaps that sums up our approach to things over the last two decades.  Paul chose not to stay in the corporate world as he sought a different approach to his working life and back in 1999 began that search to find an alternative way that balanced life, family, work and contentment.

Contentment is a word not often heard these days, finding a place in which you can exist and feel you can contribute to life and to society and at the same time feel contentment.  Contentment isn’t taking it easy it is about finding purpose and resolve so that you feel fulfilled and in finding a’Beckett’s Paul and Lynn have found contentment with the creation of an award winning vineyard.

As we have done this we have seen the industry we are part of move from just 840 hectares to over 4,000 hectares with many new entrants all of whom have their own view and take on how to make English or Welsh wine work for them.

Our Vision

We’ve been contacted by many people who wanted to get into running a vineyard but lacked the capital to do so and we have been over the last 10 years delighted to work with our first edition of vineyard bond holders who have enjoyed the benefits of working with us.

So we wanted to take a far larger step that would make our vineyard life complete.  We are seeking to evolve the vineyard further through the creation of a visitor centre, winery, store and a new planting of vines.  The route to achieving this has a number of options from investors, borrowings or something different.

The different option is very much like our approach to the last 20 years, we want to not only raise the funds but also create a community of advocates who are not only set to benefit from involvement but will also we believe radiate their enthusiasm for the vineyard to others and in doing so complete the circle of success.

Please view our promotional video.

We recognise that as a smaller vineyard our future was never to be aimed solely at the supply to the on and off trade as we will simply not be able to deliver the volume they require.  We can however forge a future as a visitor destination as we are located between Avebury and Stonehenge and being part of the Wiltshire tourism industry is a firm basis on which to build the next phase of vineyard life.

We are offering a range of vineyard bonds and the presentation sets out the detail.  We are looking to raise a significant sum but it will enable our development to come to fruition and we can then journey with our bond holders across the next 10 years celebrating the highs and lows of viticulture in England.

Come with us, become a bond holder today.


Paul & Lynn


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