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We are offering a decade long experience that will provide the certificate holder with their own choice of wine each year from our cellars on the 1st of July. In addition any other purchases will come with a significant price benefit for you and your friends and family.

It’s quite straightforward, every year of the next decade free wine of your choosing ready to collect from the vineyard in July and great savings on wine purchases throughout the year. Each certificate will get you 3 bottles of wine (of your choice from our range) each year, you can buy multiple certificates if you wish.

A wine certificate of £300.00 would provide you with 30 bottles of wine across a 10 year period, if all the bottles were priced at £30.00 you would get £900.00 worth of wine plus any savings you make from wine purchases.

Please Read

  • You are buying wine in advance
  • You will have the chance to save 25% on other wine purchases
  • a’Beckett’s Vineyard will ensure that all tax and excise duty will be paid on your wine
  • You can buy multiple certificates thereby increasing the number of free wine bottles you receive each year
  • If the wine for a decade offer is withdrawn one of the following will apply:
    • If the company closes due to going out of business you would be an ordinary creditor, please note we have no bank borrowings or overdraft.
    • If the scheme stops for other reasons you can either take the balance of wine due to you covering the remaining years of the certificate based on the wine stocks held or the vineyard has no wine left a pro-rata refund of the original certificate price.

What You’ll Receive

You will be sent an agreement covering the “Free Wine” Certificate to sign, you will then be sent a certificate and a “Free Wine” Card that you can present at the vineyard for 25% off your wine purchases, it will also have a code so you can purchase from our online shop.


3 Bottles, 6 Bottles

Orders may only be delivered within the UK. Orders consisting of one or more single bottles cost £7.50 for delivery; one or more cases of 12 bottles costs £9.50 for delivery.

There is no delivery charge for tour vouchers or vine leasing.

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