Vine Leasing

Vine Leasing


a’Beckett’s Vineyard offers you the opportunity to own your own vines with our Vine Leasing Scheme.  You can rent 10, 25 or 50 vines for a calendar year with a single annual fee plus the discounted cost of the wine produced from those vines.

You will be able to select from our Pinot Noir or Chardonnay vines and the wine produced from the grapes that year will be your wine.

How many bottles you can obtain from your vine lease will depend on the year and how well the vines crop.

The vines leased will be identified on the vineyard and you may visit them during normal vineyard opening hours during your year of lease.

You may select either Pinot Noir or Chardonnay grapes or a 50/50 split of vines. The vineyard will be solely responsible for the care of the vines and the resulting wines produced as they deem best based on grape ripeness.

Still wines will be ready for collection the year following your vineyard lease year and are usually released between May and July; we will contact you in advance to agree a suitable collection time. Sparkling wines make take up to 5 years to be ready for release.

Wine produced will be sold to you at the stated discounted prices for the vine lease year in question and will need to be paid for before collection.

Small print: This is agriculture and yields may vary up or down and may result in no wine being produced at all.

Orders may only be delivered within the UK. Orders consisting of one or more single bottles cost £7.50 for delivery; one or more cases of 12 bottles costs £9.50 for delivery.

There is no delivery charge for tour vouchers or vine leasing.

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