The Langham Family VineyardAcross the valley to a'Beckett's Vineyard

Back 1999 Paul was bored of working in the corporate world, one Saturday in June 1999 drinking a glass of wine he said out of the blue to Lynn “we must be able to do this” and that is how the whole adventure in English Wine started.  Lynn was able to find the right land in the right location and in April 2001 we planted our first vines and harvested our first vintage in 2003.

We had no experience of farming or wine making and read a lot and asked many  questions from fellow vineyards and also our vineyard consultant Hans Schliefer.  We also joined the United Kingdom Vineyards Association http://www.ukva.org.uk/ and the regional Wessex Vineyards Association http://www.wessex.wine.  Paul has since joining served as a Regional Chairman and also as National Chairman from 2012 to 2015.

For more information about our industry the United Kingdom Vineyards Association website http://www.ukva.org.uk will provide more information about vineyards, you can also view the marketing and promotion organisation for English Wine, English Wine Producers at http://www.englishwineproducers.com

The a’Beckett’s site had been a successful fruit farm and orchard for over 50 years and with soils made up of greensand lying over chalk we had a well drained site that is between 55 and 60 metres above sea level that benefited from being sheltered from the prevailing westerly winds making a perfect location for growing vines.

Our english wines are predominately still, we do make sparkling wine but Paul’s driving passion when establishing the vineyard was to produce red wine which may account for the 65% Pinot Noir planting.

Please do come and visit the vineyard and try our wines, we also have an online shop if that is easier.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Paul & Lynn Langham @abecketts